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the certainty, confidence and
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The MASSIVE Goal Principle - Why realistic & achievable goals do NOT work !
How you, like top achievers, can set and achieve MASSIVE goals.
The super successful leaders and game changers believe that the much taught “realistic & achievable” goals set people up to be average at best !
If they are right, why do we shy away from finding out what we are truly capable of ?
What if we had a way of finding out the truth?
Now you have !

“WHY ON EARTH Would You Want To Manage Stress ?!” ..... When you could be preventing it !
From 13 years of research interviews with top achievers Stretch deliver a fun, challenging and inter-active keynote and workshop that gives your delegates easy to use ways of preventing stress that are proven to work when used.

Raising MASSIVE Funds - Fundraising For Charity, the easy way.
I raised approximately £500,000 in my spare time in a six year period breaking 4 charities records in the process, and achieving some of my own lifetime ambitions. You can too !
This talk/workshop is a game changer

Why YOU Are Losing Clients In The First 20 Seconds - The art of introductions and making a GREAT 1st impression.

Learn the simple techniques that can be THE difference that makes THE difference when seeking to make a great first impression.
This talk/workshop covers how to use body language and handshakes to smooth the way at a first meeting.

If The Shoe Fits ! - Why we should be looking “INTO” top achievers, not “upto” them.
The thoughts, behaviours and actions of the super successful can be used to plot our own success.
All the time we have looked “upto” those at the highest level, when maybe we should have been looking “into” them instead.

How To Run A Mastermind Group - make this year your best ever !
The first mastermind group was set up by the leading engineers, industrialists, entrepreneurs, scientists and chemists at the birth of the industrial revolution. Their members included Darwin, Wedgewood, Boulton, Watt and many others of those who changed the world for ever.
Find out how they used to run their meetings and how you can do the same to accelerate your success.

PURPOSE – you know “what” you do, but do you know “why” you do it?
Are you paying the bills.......?
Or do you work and live with a purpose or “why” that drives your every action, decision and thought.
If your purpose is bigger than your fear of failure, you become unstoppable.

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