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Teacher Stretch Academy

Staff & leadership development workshops & programmes.

Team Building & Direction Event
In this “very” popular event we do some digging on your reputation before facilitating a half day or full day event where in teams, your staff feedback on where they think they are now, what their reputation is etc. They then discuss and feedback on where they want to be, and what they want their reputation to be, creating a sense of purpose and team direction (after approval from leadership team).
Stretch then share what others “REALLY” think their reputation is (based upon prior research) which can be most enlightening.
Finally the team then identify the gaps and commit to actions to ensure that the team move forward.
An Inspiring session.

Presentation skills, body language & handling difficult students
Stretch have built a reputation for delivering inspiring workshops to your students.Why not allow us to train your staff in how they can build certain techniques into their teaching style that will engage, inspire and even entertain your students?
Learn the difference that makes the difference.

Leadership development & Mastermind groups    


David Hyner and his team are professional speakers and work (in addition to their education sector work) in industry where they speak to and deliver workshops for senior leadership groups on wide ranging subjects;



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