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Dragon’s Lair

Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Workshop

For 1 whole year group


Download PDF of Dragons Lair event

Do you have students with projects to do, but no action being taken?  Don’t know where to start?  What are the consequences of taking no action?

Why not hire an expert who plans major projects – Cross-world Expeditions to some of the most remote places on our Planet!

Workshop Details – (ideal for enterprise, ASDAN and aim higher)

A fun and interactive workshop where we plan an entire expedition in a day!  Groups will build solid relationships and create a presentation about their expedition for all to see.  For research purposes, Internet access will be required during the workshop for every group (laptops would be ideal!)

This workshop builds key skills such as…

Further Details and Booking Information

These topics relate directly with ASDAN Key Skills, CoPE Awards (Level 1 & 2) and Certificate of Personal and Social Development (PSD).

5 key reasons to book Nigel ... Your lead facilitator:

Nigel is an acclaimed presenter in Primary and Secondary Education, Sixth Form Colleges and Universities.


Comments from  recent school events:

Walsall Schools: “Dave Rulz – Dave 4 Prez – Totally cool – Better than doing maths!”

Walsall Schools: “Thanx Dave. I now know my future is up to me.”

Doncaster Schools: “In life you get chances to be helped and I am taking your opportunity that you have given me. I will remember what you have taught me. Thanks a lot!”

Warwickshire Schools: “I have learnt a lot today. I now know I can do it.”

Young Enterprise: “I think your time with us is best summed up by a teacher who remarked: ‘Well, that was fantastic. It’s the first time that group of students have sat still and listened in the last nine years at school.’”


Run of the mill enterprise activities have just been “kicked into touch” !!

Bland business games that leave students with little if any “true” take-away value need to be addressed.

Here at Stretch, our enterprise events give MASSIVE take-away value including;

Small groups, half year groups or whole year groups can be catered for on these exciting events and fees can range between £600 - £3000 per event.

All events give diverse business focused skills and gives students confidence and understanding in themselves and their own abilities. All events can be taken to another level post delivery if required for students to deliver bigger projects around their work.

Download PDF of Dragons Lair event

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Option 1; - Enterprise with a citizenship/charity/community focus.

This event gives students all the enterprise skills they need but focused on a charity event that could even become a fundraiser to create great PR for the school.

Delivery includes, design, finance, management, research, presentation skills, and all directed at a part of industry that sits better with education than just talking about the world of traditional business and industry.

Option 2; - Enterprise with a business focus.

See Dragons lair even profiled here:


Option 3; - Enterprise with an English curriculum slant.

Creative writing, design, marketing, eCommerce, SEO, websites all used in this event as students write a book of poetry or short stories and get it published either as a hard copy or e-book and then sell it to raise money for library books or a local charity linked to our other enterprise event (option 1).

Option 4 ; - Enterprise with an Expedition slant

Project planning, expedition planning, sponsorship, finance, PR, management all used as students are facilitated by a “real life” adventurer and explorer in this amazing enterprise event.

Expedition Planning Workshop