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Speakers and Trainers

Here are just a few of our amazing associates

Nigel Vardy

Record breaking disabled mountaineer


Once Bitten...


A motivational keynote that will give your students a huge dose of reality, life experience and show them how to triumph over adversity.


The talk majors in Inspiration, Team Building, Self Belief, Positive Attitude, Determination and Drive! Nigel is the first British Climber to complete the 7 Mountains x 7 Islands Challenge.

Preety Green

Title of workshop: Work Experience Programme

Words describing features: An interactive talk and motivational workshop that provides your students with the tools, methods and techniques that empower them to take responsibility for their own work experience placement and perform to their highest potential.

benefits: Gives students motivation to develop a “can do” attitude, effective time management skills, confidence to develop their interpersonal and communication skills and a sense of real responsibility in the world of work that raises their self-esteem.

Harun Rabbani

Main Topic: How to Create Amazing Enterprising Success!

Key features: An inspiring presentation or interactive workshop that gives them the practical tools and skills to overcome barriers to academic and personal success.

These bespoke programmes include, personal motivation, career development and becoming a young entrepreneur.


Andy Cope

Andy Cope is a professional trainer, qualified teacher, author and learning junkie. Andy is the author of the highly successful 'Spy Dog' children's novels, published by Puffin. He has also written 'Being Brilliant' and 'The Art of Being Brilliant' for adults and 'A Brilliant Life', the UK's first positive psychology book for teenagers.

The Art of Being Brilliant

This workshop aims to transform the way you think about yourself and the impact you have on others. The aim is to inspire you to make the most of what you've been given. 'The Art of Being Brilliant' is grounded in the world of positive psychology - an obvious and blindingly simple set of principles for school - and life! Ultimately, this workshop is about the choices we make. It energises teenagers to achieve massive personal change. In fact, it's not just for teenagers! 'The Art of Being Brilliant' is applicable to everyone, whatever their situation, age, qualifications and experience. Let's face it, life's too short to be anything less than yourself, brilliantly!

Key themes: positive psychology, emotional intelligence, limbic locking, potential, attitude, 90/10 principle, 'busyness',  2%ers versus mood hoovers, intro to the ' Big 5'

Lee Jackson

Workshop: How you can be the best and not be lonely.

‘How you can be the best...’ is a fun, multimedia and motivational talk/workshop on what successful people have in common and how young people can apply those principles today to succeed in school.

Lee's presentation is all about raising aspirations. The presentation and workshop use different styles including SEAL and lots of humour to help the young people put the first things first in their last years in school. Lee brings long-lasting insights and practical tools that go beyond the “buzz” of a good talk and always leaves follow-up material to help teachers and mentors deepen the learning even further.

Kash Gill

Workshop: Inner city kid Kash the Flash 4 x world champion kickboxer.

Inspirational talk about growing up in inner city Handsworth to become a true legend in the world of fighting. I am living proof that your dreams can indeed come true.

Kash will cover how he got to the top by shear hard work and determination, how he has fort around the world and now is teaching young kids to become like him. discipline, obesity and much more.

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Mike Pagan

Workshop: Stop Faffing About

A challenging talk or workshop that will have the students asking if they Faffing About or doing what they need to in order to be successful in whatever they are doing or want to do.

The talk focuses in on  many different life learning skills from attitude and time management to goal setting, productivity, responsibility and  communication.

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Neil Bakewell

Everything to Gain.  A motivational and inspirational talk with Neil Bakewell, ³The Big Change Guy²

In this emotional, powerful and thought provoking keynote students will learn that their past does not have to equal their future. They will learn to move outside their comfort zones, break the habits that disempower them, take 100% responsibility for their lives, overcome the ³hidden² obstacles in their life and then finally to take action to achieve their dreams. They will discover that nothing in life is impossible.

Neil uses his supersized, high impact story to get his message across. At the age of nine he developed a stutter, overnight! His life was turned upside down and was bullied relentlessly on the school playground. He turned to food for comfort. Twenty four later he was clocking in on the scales at 43 stone ( No, not a typo.) Given only five years left to live, he took action, radical action that gave him rapid results. Today he has lost over twenty stone! Neil is author of the book ³Everything to Lose² and was featured in the TV documentary ³Fat Doctor.²

Lynn Grocott

Overcoming Adversity

Turning disability into the ability to do the things that she once only dreamed off!

Lynn will take your students on a roller coaster of hard hitting emotions!

They will see how challenge and adversity can be used to find their true Inner resources, strengths and skills.

Lynn delivers with passion for life and offers a toolbox full of gadgets and gizmos which will certainly inspire young people to action and helping them to shout from from the rooftops "I Decide" how to live my life and where I go from here!


Ayd Instone

Ayd is an expert in creativity and creative confidence. With a degree in physics and yet working as a graphic artist, he explains how creativity is the mix of art and science, logic and chaos.

Workshop: I'm a Genius – Get Me Out of Here! An entertaining and powerful talk on creativity for your school

What does it mean to 'be creative'? What is creativity and how can we use it? Using stories, examples and songs (sung with acoustic guitar accompaniment), this talk proves that everyone has the ability to be a creative genius in any field they choose.

This fun and energetic talk defines creativity in a way that is understandable, engaging and entertaining. It deals with the main source of blockage to creative intelligence which is confidence and self-judgement. It gives practical and fun directions on how to develop and utilise creativity in everyday life, in particular school applications such as creative writing, understanding science, entrepreneurship and problem solving as well as how it can and must be nurtured in the future aspirations beyond education.


Mark Eccleston

Paralympic Medallist - Mark is one of Britains most successful wheelchair athletes ever. He is the first British tennis player ever to be world number 1. He now tours the country inspiring others and he also teaches P.E to children with complex physical and medical needs.

Workshop: Inspire, Motivate to Believe & Achieve/ Dealing with Adversity Marks presentation is an open and honest account of how he dealt with his accident at such a young age, his introduction to wheelchair sport and his journey towards becoming an elite International athlete.

He speaks about having to deal with adversity and how each one of us can use adversity as a motivational tool and not something to be feared.

"When I give a presentation I want the audience to realise that if they meet adversity head on and believe in their own ability they have a better chance of achieving their goals and being successful. Success is not about how many medals you win, but it is about giving 100%, self-belief and being the best that you can be!"



Barry Jackson

Workshop: …. Only memorable is good enough.

Barry always wanted to set up his own business.

He got round to it at the crazy age of 58!

Two things held him back:

1. He was comfortable

2. Cowardice!

Your success is all about being memorable

This workshop gives you original, non P.C. answers to the following questions?