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the certainty, confidence and
conviction to achieve your goals

Inside the Minds of Top Achievers

Max 240 Delegates - £500 - 1000 + vat

An event that will inspire your students to believe in themselves.

Based upon 13 years of research interviews that gives your students the confidence of top achievers.


BY FAR our most popular event delivered to around 30,000 students each year.

Find out why !


Students will learn:

“Top achievers should be looked into – not up to!” – Kris Akabussi MBE

That they can achieve! David shares the secrets of success in ways that convince your students (and teachers) that they can achieve more and be more effective by changing the way they think and behave.

Fun, inter-active and highly inspiring – this talk will clearly and simply show your students how to think and behave in order to get better results. Using challenging and involving techniques, David harnesses the stories of numerous role models to back up the training models with impact and flair.


This workshop gives your students that:

The event can be tailored around your budget, group size and desired outcomes.  


Recent Delegates Said:

“my year 9s were bowled over, by you and Carl today. You made an impact. The staff were suitably impressed also. In fact sitting at the back, I felt the year 9s maturing before my eyes. Sounds daft, but I was proud of our kids today.”
So a big thank you! “
- Berry Hill School

“There wasn't a single student that didn't thank me and tell me that the whole session was 'spot on'! The difference between the initial sceptical reception that the concept first met with and the buzzing, motivated self-confident people that were sat on the coach back to college having just learned some life-changing lessons totally encapsulates what we're all doing is all about. Both of your speakers were engaging and imparted some fascinating knowledge which was extremely relevant to this student population.” - Telford College

“Aspirations, particularly among our mid-ability girls is a current issue for us despite our massive impact on learning. You proved brilliantly today how teenagers can not only be led as a group to reflect on their own worth but laugh doing it. It was a privilege to see this being done, with so many individual successes demonstrated on the day.
So today I did come with some ‘assumptions’. A little voice did initially doubt whether the standard might be ‘bog standard’ as sadly I have witnessed on too any occasions. However as I said to you personally it really was ‘Avin it!’ and not only had me impressed within minutes but had me encapsulated and ‘in stitches’ throughout all 3 sittings!
As you may have noticed as you walked the site, a real buzz spread around the Academy about your session amongst both students and staff, reaching even our Principal!
Today I left buzzing, hence this e-mail. You certainly have ‘the magic’ that inspirational teachers possess as well as a priceless message that you have a gift for communicating.”
- The Hereford Academy.

“Dave Rulz. Dave 4 Prez! ..... Better than doing maths!” - Joseph Leckie School.

“Inspiring. You could almost touch their enthusiasm as they left the room” - Wolverhampton 14-19 team

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