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Based upon extensive research into the processes used by top achievers to achieve massive goals, Stretch have developed a 5 day > 1 year programme that works with you or your team to set the big goals, support you on your way to achieving your goal, and holding you accountable on your timelined targets/tasks.

You are surrounded by people at or above your level with varying skill sets to your own and each session you commit to tasks towards your big goal and between meetings you are supported and held accountable to achieve.

Expert guest speakers, live training days, conference calls and tons of support materials via download and gifts help ensure that you leave each session inspired to achieve more.

The model is based upon the “Lunar Society”. The inspiring group of polymaths and industrialists who created the industrial revolution. They would meet, share their goals, support each other and hold each other accountable.

If they can... Why can’t we?

Run in-house with your team or send team members onto our open programmes at:



“The best year of my life both

professionally and personally”
- Mr A Chauhan of Blueman autoparts


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