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Stretch Development Ltd was founded in 2000 by David Hyner with the aim of becoming one of the most innovative and successful research-based training companies in the UK. Today Stretch is a busy and highly respected training company delivering high quality, inspirational and leading training programmes to schools, colleges, business teams and leadership groups.

David Hyner has a wide range of business experience and prior to forming Stretch he owned and ran an extremely successful events management and catering business based in Birmingham.   He has also spent many years  interviewing high achievers  and people from all walks of life from famous sports personalities to people you will never have heard of, all with one thing in common; they had overcome huge odds to achieve their goals and become successful for very different reasons.


The culmination of all David’s hard work has been the comparison and documentation of strategies, habits, methods, beliefs, character traits and behaviours that have been proven time and time again to contribute to success.  Stretch have turned these findings into high quality and innovative training programs that are widely considered to be invaluable to both individuals and organisations. Not only that but Stretch now collaborate with many of the people they originally sat down to interview and combine this with an extensive associate network to put them in a position where they are able to meet almost any training or event management request.


Stretch Development offers a wide variety of courses, workshops and seminars for the education and corporate / business industries.  Every programme is filled with David’s passion for inspiring others and are:-



If it is a one stop shop for training and event management  you are looking for and only the best will do; then talk to Stretch!  CONTACT US NOW


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